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Workplace Transformation Index

We created The Workplace Transformation Index to analyze the areas of growth within your organization by indexing the potential to improve through a holistic lens.

Creating a strong foundation amongst your employees is a critical step towards achieving any positive change. Because of this, getting their feedback and insights is the first step in our approach. Your employees will tell you where the areas of improvement can be found by assessing the current and desired situation. This will be the first step in changing your approach in order to create a strong foundation for all future activities. 

The outcome will be looked at through different lenses as we believe a holistic approach is required in order to achieve a successful workplace transformation. Culture, behavior, facilities, design, and accessibility of technology are all crucial ingredients regarding the achievement of a successful transformation. We will be identifying your organization’s potential – short and long term. 


We determine where the potential to work smarter within your organization lies by analyzing the potential areas of growth. This is done by performing a scan aimed at your organization's workplace through the lens of three employee dimensions:


 My Individual Work Experience

It is vital that your employees have clarity in regards to what their goals are, can control the way they work, and feel motivated to meet their goals. Do your working environment and facilities allow your employees to focus on what matters most? And last but not least, do your employees have access to technology that will help them be productive?


Working with my Colleagues

Is your organization optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of its teams? Is your organization  stimulating people to work together and help each other? Employees working as individuals can no longer be successful. Impact is driven by co-creation and leveraging the strength of your network. Does the available technology empower teams, allowing them to work together effectively? 


Engaging with my Customer

Most organizations aim to put the customer at the center of their activities. Customer obsession also means that organizations need to create a customer centric workforce with the facilities and tools to accommodate strong engagements with customers. How is your organization allowing your employees to engage with the customer in the best way possible?

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Holistic Approach

The Workplace Transformation Index consists of 50 measuring points that analyze the dimensions of individual attention, group collaboration, and customer engagement from an employee, facilities, and technology perspective

Extensive Insight

The Workplace Transformation Index provides insight into your potential growth by asking respondents to assess both the current and desired state of the dimensions that make up their workplace.

People Centric

No one knows how it is to work within your organization better than your own employees, they’re the experts! The Workplace Transformation Index uses employee input to put the focus on what matters most.

Actionable Outcome

After the survey we will share our findings regarding the areas where your employees believe your organization has the most space for potential growth. Together we will dive into these findings and help you convert these insights into actionable projects.

Quick results

The Workplace Transformation Index can be executed in two to six weeks. Each program is tailored to the specific needs of your company and accompanied by experts in the field of workplace transformations. We strive to ensure that your organization has the most productive experience possible.